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Follow your guide through a gorgeous section of red mangrove forest in the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge. These intimate spaces are full of wildlife, as the mangrove forests act as nurseries to a variety of air and sea creatures. Always changing with the tides and time of the year, we never know exactly what might be passing through.

After winding through the tunnels of the mangrove forest, expansive views of the Gulf of Mexico and uninhabited mangrove islands open up to the paddlers. Small blacktip sharks, along with nurse sharks are frequently seen, along with the sea turtles that patrol these shallow waters. Healthy turtle grass meadows surround these islands. The protected areas of sea grass are a heaven for bait fish, young crab and lobster. From above, belted kingfishers and osprey keep an eye out for a quick meal from the smaller fish that make these areas home. On the surface, egrets and herons as well as cormorants and pelicans are among the usual cast of characters looking for low tide snacks.


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We keep tour sizes small, up to 7 people maximum, as not to upset the natural environment too greatly. We have a better chance to view things up close and personal with smaller groups.

 Grab your friends and colleagues, and come out on one of our daily morning tours! Private tours are also available as well as speciality custom trips made for particular focuses. This is for adventurous beginners to advanced paddlers. Instruction is provided to beginners, and don't worry, the learning curve is not that steep. We've taken many first timers out, that came back looking like a pro. Keep in mind some exertion will be required. Sometimes you will be getting a workout depending on winds and tidal flow which varies from day to day. This is also a remote natural area. Seasonal unpredictable weather, sea creatures, intense sun, the occasional spider, as well as enclosed spaces will be a factor on this trip. But hey, that's why you come out with us. These are the wild keys.